This is a ready-to-use course that can be imported into Moodle and customized to meet the needs of your students.

The course features interactive resources to encourage practice, discussion forums for sharing and dicussing tips for mastery, spreadsheets and charts to monitor and track progress, and quizzes for assessment.

In this course you'll learn the 3 main measures of central tendency. You'll be able to interpret which measure fits data sets and real life applications of these measures. You'll participate in an online discussion using Voicethread and will be asked to use your creative juices to help others learn about mean, median, mode and range.

This moodle site was created in order to provide students with an opportunity to interact with their classmates and experience an online literature circle. There are a variety of activities for students to complete. Some activities will be done independently while others will require students to create presentations and websites and to respond to other students' work.

Students will build their knowledge about biomes and the critical characteristics that define different biomes through several group activities.  This is acceptable for Middle School or Secondary School.

Dave Froelich's course, imported from Moodleshare