Almost anything you can imagine is available on the Web -- if you only know how to find it. Searching the Web has become an essential skill for all computer users. Teachers today spend a lot of time online looking for multi-media resources as well as for general informational material to use with students. Save time and become more efficient! In this half day workshop, presented by a Google Certified Teacher, participants will learn advanced search techniques and discover easy ways to find images, books, videos, and other educational resources. Participants will be introduced to many Google search features such as advanced search tools and custom search engines. In addition, participant will learn to use little-known tools such as Search Story, Google Public Data Explorer, Google Trends, Google Art, Google Science Fair, and Google Body.

Attend this fast-paced session to analyze Google tools through the lens of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy; explore Kathy Schrock's Bloomin' Google interactive portal for each level of thinking; experience Google tools; and brainstorm uses with like-minded educators. Participants will work together to choose the HOT-est Google tool for each level of thinking. You will leave this session declaring that you have the HOTS for Google!