On-Site Professional Development

SqoolTechs provides professional development services that support initiatives in online learning, blended learning, and integrating digital resources into face-to-face instruction. Our hands-on sessions are all research-based and provide pedagogically sound recommendations. All sessions can be modified to meet the needs of participants and can delivered as either 3 or 6 hour sessions. Contact us for more information and to plan your on-site event.



This free open-source learning management system is being adopted throughout K-12 to bring education to the 21st century. Use it to provide resources, activities, and 21st century tools such as blogs, wiki's, forums, and chat all within a safe, secure, and private environment.

  • Moodle 101: Moodle for Beginners
  • Moodle: Moving Beyond the Basics
  • Moodle Administration for Beginners
  • Moodle and the iPad
  • Is Your Moodle Plugged In?
  • Moodle 2.0- What's New
  • Using Moodle to Differentiate Instruction
  • WebQuest 2.0: Using Moodle to Engage Digital Learners


iPads are all the rage in educational circles, but do they live up to all the hype when used in the classroom? With the proper training, applications, and pedagogy, iPads can be used to not only reinforce and practice academic skills, but more importantly to allow students to create projects that will keep them interested, engaged, and foster higher-order thinking skills.

  • iPads for Beginners
  • Moodle and the iPad
  • Teaching Reading with the iPad
  • Teaching Math with the iPad


Learning Games and Interactives

Every teacher should be familiar with the resources available on the Web in his or her subject area. The Web offers wonderful resource for teaching and learning – and the tools available are getting better by the day. But who has time to research what's available? Attend our sessions to save time and discover resources that will enrich the learning experience for students.

  • Reading HEROs
  • Math HEROs (Highly Engaging Resource Options)
  • Teaching Science Digitally
  • Teaching Social Studies Digitally
  • Teaching Spelling and Vocabulary Digitally
  • Free Interactive Resources for Teachers


Web 2.0 Tools

Studies show that students are more engaged and produce higher quality work when they are exposed to and/or use Web 2.0 tools.

  • Teaching Reading with Web 2.0
  • Incredible Educational Embeddables: Using Embeddables as Instructional Content
  • PowerPoint 2.0 Style
  • Simple Technology Projects


Google Apps for Education is a FREE service is available to schools and educational organizational that allows schools to provide an on-line suite of productivity tools (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc) to teachers and students. Provide convenience, standardization, and collaboration all while saving money on licensing fees and server costs. Our Google Certified Teacher can help you make the most of these free tools.

  • Google Apps for Education
  • Google Docs for Beginners
  • Google Forms
  • Search and Stuff: Exploring Google Tools for Finding and Integrating Educational Resources
  • HOTS for Google
  • YouTube for Teachers: Using Video in the Classroom

Teacher Tools

You hear it all the time - “Technology this, and technology that” in regards to education; yet, it's all so overwhelming and intimidating. These sessions provide concrete, hands-on examples for “How do I get started?” and “How will my students benefit?”

  • Click, Create, Captivate: Creating Custom Games and Activities for Students
  • Top 20 Tech Tools
  • You might be a 20th Century teacher if....
  • All Atwitter about Twitter

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