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Moodle Software Mondays Webinar Series

The Moodle Software Mondays Webinars allow your staff to participate in minds-on webinars. Webinar topics are geared to instructional staff charged with training teachers, however teachers may also attend. Each webinar has a companion Moodle course that demonstrates the ideas and examples presented in the webinar. The enrollment key for the course will be shared during the webinar. All webinars are held on Mondays, beginning at 11:00 CT.  There will be at least 20 webinars presented each year, typically two per month. All webinars address the latest stable version (currently 3.2+) and will be updated as new versions are released. 

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Webinar topics

The cost for each individual live webinar is $25.00.

Purchase order: Simply register below and fax the purchase order to 888-467-8241. Your registration will not be approved until we receive the purchase order.
Credit Card: Select the webinar from the list below and make payment. Then register using the link below.

You can also subscribe to our Moodle Software Mondays Plus Package ($1000 per school annually) and receive access to all our Moodle Software Monday Webinars, plus access to the archive of recorded webinars so you can view or review on your schedule. Interested in our self-paced Moodle courses? Receive access to all webinars and the self-paced courses for $1500 per school annually.  Combining the self-paced courses with webinars provides a complete Moodle training solution for your staff.

Upcoming 2017 - 18 Webinar topics:

August 28, 2017 - What's New in Moodle 3.2?

This webinar is specifically for site administrators, instructional coaches, and trainers responsible for implementing Moodle in their schools. We will address the major changes in  Moodle 3.2 that impact the user interface such as themes, navigation, course editing, and configuring the default toolbar. We will also introduce you to the new training materials and guides that have been updated for the 2017- 2018 school year.

September 11, 2017 - Digital Resource Management

In this webinar we will take a closer look at the resource types of File, Folder, Book, Page, and URL available in Moodle 3.2. We will provide pedagogical guidelines for using each resource type as well as the best settings for opening each file type. Additionally, we will cover the how and why of embedding instructional media into Moodle courses and recommend sources of customizable embeddable content.

September 25, 2017 - Assignment Module

Assignments, Rubrics, and Marking Guides are the focus of this webinar. You will be introduced to the assignment types that can be created. Then, we will take an in-depth look at how to create, score, and provide feedback on assignment.

October 9, 2017 - Moodle Quiz Module - Part 1 Creating Quizzes

Creating quizzes is the focus of this webinar. We will take an in-depth look at the quiz module and the process of creating assessments for students. The quiz module is not just for quizzes. We will explore numerous ways the quiz module can be used to create interactive activities and provide automatic feedback to students.

October 16, 2017 - Moodle Quiz Module - Part 2 Creating Quiz Questions

Quiz questions are the focus of this webinar. We will take an in-depth look at the question types that are available in Moodle and provide tips and tricks to speed up the process of creating questions for Moodle quizzes.

November 6, 2017 - Social Learning in Moodle

This webinar focuses on the Moodle tools that support social learning and collaboration. We will explore forums, chat, wikis, messaging, blogs, and comments. Participants will learn to maximize social learning and collaboration by asking high quality questions and promoting peer assessment.

November 20, 2017 - Enhancing Courses with Moodle Plugins

Moodle plugins add additional functions and features to your site. Learn about 20+ plugins that can be used to enhance Moodle courses.  We will cover Checklist, Collapsed Topics format, Grid format, Game, Lightbox Gallery, Mindmaps, Progress bar. Quickmail, Quizventure, Active Quiz, Sharing Cart, Attendance, Simple Certificate, Mass Action Block,  Poodll Anywhere and more.

December 4, 2017 - Vocabulary Development in Moodle

The Moodle Glossary tool has many uses beyond terms and definitions. In this webinar you will learn the difference between main and secondary glossaries, understand the possible display options for glossaries, enable autolinking of terms to support learners as they develop vocabulary.  You will also learn to create vocabulary games using the Game and the Quizventure Modules and how to embed external vocabulary apps into your courses..

December 11, 2017 - 25 Marvelous Ways to Use Moodle

Do you think Moodle is just about uploading documents? There is so much more that Moodle can do! Are you ready to go beyond the basic features? In this fast paced session you will learn 25 marvelous, innovative ways to make the most of your Moodle.

January 8, 2018 - Moodle, Google, and YouTube

What do you get when you combine the power of Moodle with the power of Google? Amazing and engaging learning for students plus efficiency for teachers, of course. This webinar will teach you to incorporate tools such as Google Translate, Maps, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, and Custom Google Search Engines, and more into your Moodle courses.

January 22 -
Flipping Your Classroom with Moodle Tools

The latest buzz in education is flipping. A flipped classroom refers to a reversed teaching model that delivers instruction at home through interactive, teacher-created videos and podcasts while moving “homework” to the classroom. This webinar will focus on how to flip your classroom using Moodle.

February 5 - 
Creating Guided Lessons in Moodle

The Lesson Module in Moodle allows teachers to develop lessons that guide students through content.  As students respond to questions that evaluate their understanding, students are either directed backward for remediation or forward to more advanced content within the lesson. In this webinar you will learn to build lessons by creating content pages, questions, clusters, and jumps.

February 26 -
Learning Analytics in Moodle

Did you know that Moodle keeps a record of EVERYTHING that happens in your Moodle course? All of these records are available to you through reports. These reports provide learning analytics data which not only provides teachers insight as to how students are performing, but can also save teachers valuable time. In this webinar, we will explore how Logs, Live logs, Activity reports, Course participation, Activity completion, Statistics, polls (Choice), surveys (Feedback), and quizzes (Quiz and Active Quiz Module) and more can be used to inform instruction.

March 12 -
Bring Moodle Courses to Life with Embeddable Content

Discover many Web 2.0 embeddables that support teaching and learning in all subject areas. Learn how to quickly and easily embed these creations within Moodle to empower students and create exciting new learning opportunities.

March 26 -
Effective Course Design for Moodle

Many Moodle courses are designed as a long list of files and linked websites. This “document dump” or “scroll of death” format is not pleasing to the eye nor engaging to learners. By focusing on visual  and instructional design elements, we can make Moodle courses more engaging, effective, and appealing. This webinar will demonstrate design principles and effective course layout strategies that will enhance the Moodle experience of students.

April 9 -
Even More Marvelous Ways to Use Moodle in the Classroom

Do you think Moodle is just about uploading documents? There is so much more that Moodle can do!  Are you ready to go beyond the basic features? In this fast paced session you will learn even more marvelous, innovative ways to make the most of your Moodle.

April 23 -
Peer Assessment in Moodle

Learn to incorporate peer assessment into your Moodle courses. In this webinar, we will look at using the Forum module, Glossary module, and the often forgotten, but extremely powerful Workshop module to facilitate peer assessment.

May 7 -
Share, Reuse, and Borrow Moodle Content

Moodle's built in wizards allow you to easily share, reuse, save, and borrow course content. Discover hubs of prepared content to help you create Moodle courses quickly. We will also explore the backup, restore, import, reset and publish wizards and establish best practices for end of the year course clean-up.

May 21 -
Prepare Your Moodle for the 2017-18 School Year

This webinar is geared specifically for site admins. We will show you the things you need to think about and actions you need to perform with your Moodle courses as you end your school year and get ready to begin anew next fall.

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