Science and technology

Teaching Science and Social Studies Digitally

October 19, 2012
Gala Event Center, Union, MO
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Session description:

Research shows that today's students are engaged by games, simulations and other interactive Internet resources. This seminar will introduce participants to hundreds of Internet resources and technology tools that address science and social studies curricular goals. During the first half of the day, participants will be introduced to a five part model for effective science instruction. Participants will learn how technology can be used to address each part of the model to engage students as they develop scientific understandings. During the second half of the day, participants will be introduced to resources that address the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies. These resources meet diverse student needs while increasing motivation of all students.

Graduate credit available:

Participants will develop two lesson plans, one in science and one in social studies, that make use of these resources.

Participants may register for graduate credit the day of the seminar. There is an additional charge. Payment must be made by check on the day of the session.

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