Student technology projects

Simple Technology Projects:

March 8, 2013
Gala Event Center, Union, MO

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Seminar description:

Traditional K-12 education tends to cast students in the role of content consumers as they are presented material which has been developed by others. In recent years, the term “student engagement” has become an indicator of educational quality in the U.S. Educators are beginning to understand that enabling students to create content can increase student engagement. How can teachers use technology resources in simple, yet powerful ways to allow students to become content producers? How can teachers manage technology resources and student projects? Come learn about cool Web 2.0 tools that can be used to engage students as they create simple electronic posters, talking avatars, digital stories, book trailers, electronic 3-D books, zooming presentations and more. Learn about tools to help teachers be more efficient and effective when working with technology projects. This hands-on session is applicable to all grade levels and provides time to explore some of these cool tools.

Graduate credit is available:

Participants will develop a lesson plan that incorporates one or more of the tools presented.

Participants may register for graduate credit the day of the seminar. There is an additional charge. Payment must be made by check on the day of the session.

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