Moodle Software Mondays Webinar Series

The Moodle Software Mondays Webinars allow your staff to participate in minds-on webinars. Webinar topics are geared to instructional staff charged with training teachers, however teachers may also attend. Each webinar has a companion Moodle course that demonstrates the ideas and examples presented in the webinar. The enrollment key for the course will be shared during the webinar. All webinars are held on Mondays, beginning at 11:00 CT. There will be at least 24 webinars presented each year, typically two per month. All webinars address the latest stable version (currently 2.8+) and will be updated as new versions are released. We are kicking off the webinar series with 6 weekly webinars, beginning on November 5th. Select the link below to learn more:

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