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Online Moodle Training Options

We offer flexible online, training options to assist your staff in learning to teach with Moodle. We know that each Moodle implementation is unique. Explore the options below and select the package that best meets the needs of your staff. Have questions or need assistance in choosing? We can help! Send an email to admin@sqooltechs.com or call 800-516-0544.


Training Option Access to  self-paced courses Access to live webinars Access to webinar archives Cost
Mastering Moodle Self-paced Courses Package
-- -- $1000 Annually
Moodle Monday Webinars  -- -- $100 each
Moodle Webinar Plus Package
-- $1000 Annually
Mastering Moodle to the Max Package
Best Value$1500 Annually

 Learn more about the training components:

Mastering Moodle Self-paced Courses for Beginners
Is your school just beginning to implement Moodle? Do you have teachers new to Moodle? These self-paced, online courses are designed with beginners in mind. One course is for teachers and one is for the Moodle administrator(s). The courses are continuously available, so you can enroll at any time and learn according to your schedule. Each course is composed of a series of video tutorials, recommended exercises, and self-checking quizzes. Support is available through a forum. Monitor your staff's understanding of Moodle. A certificate of completion can be printed when a statisfactory score (80%) is earned on the final comprehensive assessement. Two courses are available:

Moodle in the Classroom

This self-paced course introduces the basics of creating a Moodle course using the latest version of Moodle. An overview of navigation and the use of resources, activities, and blocks will be provided. You will be guided through the process of creating a basic Moodle course. Additionally you will glimpse the possibilities and options for creating engaging instruction using Moodle.

The course consists of :

-More than 25 video tutorials
-A Glossary of 50 common Moodle terms
-6 Sets of suggest exercises
-11 Self-checking quizzes
-More than 25 examples of Moodle learning activities
-A discussion forum for support
-A comprehensive final assessment
-A printable certificate of compeletion

Comments from teachers enrolled in Moodle in the Classroom:

~I loved being able to learn Moodle when I had time. I completed the exercises in my own Moodle course as you suggested and when I finished the training, I had created my first Moodle course.
~The tutorials made it easy to learn what I needed to know to create a course for my science students. The students love working in Moodle.
~I don't learn to use technology tools very easily. I liked that I could watch the videos as many times as I needed to understand. I will use this course again if I need a refresher.
~This course was packed with information but I didn't feel overwhelmed like I sometimes do when I attend tech trainings. Being able to work at my own pace was great for me.

Moodle Administration for Beginners

This self-paced course introduces the basics of administering a K-12 Moodle site using the latest version of Moodle. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a general understanding of Moodle so that you can quickly configure your Moodle site. Throughout the course, you will explore various settings in the site administration panel. When you complete this course, you will understand the basics of administering a Moodle site. It is highly recommended that you first complete the "Moodle in the Classroom" course to develop a good understanding of what Moodle is and what Moodle can do before beginning this course.

This course contains:

-More than 50 video tutorials
-10 self-checking quizzes
-A discussion forum for support
-A comprehensive final assessment
-A printable certificate of compeletion

Comments from Moodle administrators enrolled in Moodle Administration for Beginners.

~When I first learned that administering Moodle was added to my job, I didn't know how I would learn all that I needed to learn. I had never even heard of Moodle. I took both of your courses. This course helped me make sense of the site admin settings and I had my Moodle ready for teachers and students to use in about 4 hours. Thanks so much.
~I was able to make the settings you reccommended in my Moodle as I worked my way through the course. This course saved me many hours of trying to figure out what I needed know.
~Before I discovered this course, I tried to set up my Moodle site using Moodle Docs.  I was lost quickly. This course is so much better than trying to figure it out on my own.
~I was glad to see that this course followed the settings in the site admin block. I could skip to a section that I had questions about easily. I have more to learn about Moodle administration but this course was a great start.

Moodle Monday Webinars
The Moodle Monday Webinars allow your staff to participate in minds-on webinars. Webinar topics are geared to instructional staff charged with training teachers, however, teachers may also attend. Each webinar has a companion Moodle course that demonstrates the ideas and examples presented in the webinar. The enrollment key for the course will be shared during the webinar. All webinars are held on Mondays, beginning at 11:00 CT. There will be at least 24 webinars presented each year, typically two per month. All webinars address the latest stable version (currently 2.3+) and will be updated as new versions are released. We are kicking off the webinar series with 6 weekly webinars, beginning on November 5th. View webinar topics.

Webinar Archives
The Webinar Archives provide recordings of the live Moodle Monday Webinars. Links are provided to the companion courses. Enrollment keys for the companion courses are provided during the recording. The archive allows you to view or review on your schedule. Recordings are added to the archive the day after the live webinar.

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